Hi, I'm Nina Malum

Or as my friends know me; I'm Nienke Appels

After living abroad for 4 years, I found out that especially Nienke caused some trouble. Therefore you can call me Nina Malum. 

I've always had a little do-gooder in me and in the beginning of 2018 I decided to quite my marketing traineeship at a multinational and really start doing things. So here we are with my blog, and all other plans I have in mind. 

Never settle for less is one of my mantra's, and I always aim for the highest. Consequently I feel like I can always improve somehow. It can be frustrating at times, but it has led me to where I am as a person today.


Are you a business? I can help you with your marketing & branding strategy, as these are some of my passions. More info on this at www.nienkeappels.com